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Atlanta Daydream HQ started in our small single-car garage in Hillsboro, Oregon in 2008. Entrepreneurship had always been a beacon of creative freedom for me,and after 25 years working in advertising, marketing, and sales, I decided to change course in my career. At the time, one of my clients requested a sustainably designed sign with only two guidelines: it had to be made from locally sourced wood, and it had to have a small environmental footprint.

From this project, the idea of Daydream HQ was born. The interplay between slatted pallets of Western Red cedar, digital UV imaging technology, and photography highlighted the natural grain and warmth of the wood creating a unique and organic product.This was my “Eureka!” It’s art that can go inside and outside, and because of the rich smell of the natural wood it’s an art for all the senses. In the early years, my teenage son and daughter drilled, stapled, and glued the pallets together and Kim, my wife, kept the books. When we weren’t in the shop, we pulled together our forces and were traveling carnies selling at local farmer’s markets, retail shows, and eventually, wholesale shows across the country. Quickly, our garage business became a storage shed business, which became a small warehouse business, and now is a thriving manufacturing business with an amazing team of highly skilled artisans and craftspeople. We continue to manufacture our original Gizaun Cedar Wall Art line and our newest line of Wile E. Wood Art and Daydream Journals, and have a large and growing list of successful independent dealers across the US and Canada. Never underestimate the power of daydreaming. It is that place where innovation is born.

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