Tokki…We’re Tokki, a company on a mission to ignite joy through gifting. We combine thoughtful technology with beautiful, reusable designs to make every gift unforgettable.

our story
Back in 2019, our Founder Jane Park was staring at the piles of gift wrap filling her living room post-holiday season thinking “What the &^%$ am I supposed to do with all that?!” She was surprised when a quick online search revealed that most gift wrap is not recyclable. Just then she remembered how her grandmother in Korea used to wrap important gifts in reusable squares of silk. That’s when Tokki Gift Wrap was born—a beautiful, reusable alternative to traditional gift wrap. “Tokki” means rabbit in Korean, and we hope that our Tokki gifting sets will hop from friend to friend. But Jane didn’t stop there. She joined forces with her friend and tech genius Taylor Hoit, who shared her mission for transforming gifting.

We’re all about connection here at Tokki, and believe the best gifts make us feel seen. Traditional cards don’t cut it for us. We want to see, hear, and engage with the people we love—especially when giving or receiving a gift. That’s why Jane and Taylor invented the coolest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to make your gift truly unforgettable: the Tokki QR Card!

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