Canvas… is a fashion jewelry brand that’s committed to raising Funds through Fashion, creating cause awareness on important issues facing our local communities, and most importantly, charitable giving to carefully selected charities that support causes close to home.

Canvas/Project Halo is a comprehensive boutique brand of jewelry, centered around religious, inspirational, theme-based, and trend-driven fashion collections, giving your customers the opportunity to purchase Gifts that Give Back, and also shop for themselves in a very guilt-free way.

People love to feel good about the purchases they make, and knowing that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a worthwhile cause, that will likely have a positive impact on the lives of those living in and around our local communities, is definitely a bonus.

Canvas Catalogs

Canvas Spring/Summer Catalog 2022

Canvas Fall Winter Catalog 2022

Canvas Holiday Collection Catalog 2022

Canvas Game Day Catalog 2022

Canvas OU Game Day Catalog 2022

Canvas A&M Game Day Catalog 2022

Canvas Apres Ski Sale 2022

Canvas Queen Elizabeth II 2022 Collection

Canvas Valentines Day 2023 Catalog

Canvas Resin Rhinestone Bangles and Hoops 2023 Catalog

Canvas Easter 2023 Catalog

Canvas 4th of July 2023 Catalog

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