Online Ordering

At Cliff Price & Co we are excited to offer you this easy and simple way to process orders from our vendors. So sit back relax and shop! All you need is your laptop- iPad or tablet. You can shop the catalogs and order at your convenience when you are ready. Of course, we are happy to visit your store and are just a phone call or click away to answer questions.

The process is easy.

Simply click the link below to create your account. Select the “Don’t have a Brandwise Passport link” to create your account and follow the instructions to complete registration with Brandwise.

After you complete the registration and we accept your request you will be sent an email from Brandwise with a link to shop our lines. If you need immediate verification please call us at: 214-744-4438 and we’ll make sure your request is completed as quickly as possible.  You can call us at 1.800.560.Gift (4438) or email at with any questions you may have.

Already have your log in information? Simply click the link below and place your login information in the boxes provided and begin shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Registration

Q: What happened to my previous account that I was already using with my agencies?

A: We have migrated that account over to the new platform. Just sign in with your regular credentials and it will have you change your password to sign in.

Q: How do I register an account with a new agency?

A: If you have already registered an account with a Brandwise hosted agency, you can sign into Brandwise Passport from the agency in question with your previous credentials. If you have not registered before, you can register a new account from the Brandwise Passport login screen located on the agency’s website you are trying to shop on.

Q: Where do I input my TaxID/ResaleID to register my account?

A: The TaxID/ResaleID is no longer used to register an account for an agency. However, Tax ID or ResaleID is an extra, non-required, value you can enter on your Retailer Business.

Q: How does another user from my store connect to my already created store account?

A: The new user will navigate to the agency website’s login page, which is now the Brandwise Passport login. From there they will register a Brandwise Passport. The next step in the process is to connect their Brandwise Passport to the Business that they work for. Enter the Retailer information and we will search the Brandwise Ecosystem. Select the matching business and we will send a request to connect to the Retailer as a Team Member. An email notification is sent to the Team Admin of the Retailer saying a new user is requesting access. Permission can be granted by clicking the link within the email to login to their Brandwise Passport and accept the new connection request.


For a step by step walk through for creating your Passport and connecting or creating your Business, please watch the video below: