JukeboxRemix Your Routine
Does your soap situation feel a little stale? We feel you. Press play for a shower experience so fresh, you’ll never soap up the same way again. From boring to delightful, just like that.

Hitting the High Note
The shower is your subway-tiled paradise and, let’s face it, your only few minutes to yourself every day. So, why waste a single second of it on sub-par suds?

Our handmade cold process soaps put clean, natural ingredients on repeat to elevate your shower to chart-topping status.

Rhythm & Bubbles is our R&B.
Music and soap actually have a lot in common. They both have the power to transport your mind, transform your mood, and make or break any moment just by being there.

That’s the inspiration behind Jukebox—blending the beats of premium personal care and musical nostalgia into multisensory shower experiences we can all sing to.

78% of women sing in the shower.
Join us, won’t you? Mute the world, turn on the tap, and lather up from ears to toes.

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