Opal Road

Opal RoadHey there, I’m Rebecca, the brainiac-turned-candle-maven behind Opal Road!

So, why did I dive headfirst into the world of wax and wick? Well, let’s just say I went on a candle crusade because I couldn’t find a luxe candle that didn’t make me question my entire life’s choices.

Our mission? It’s a four-parter: 1) Be as unique as a unicorn at a disco, 2) Never, ever skimp on the good stuff (quality, duh!), 3) Offer prices that won’t make your wallet scream, and 4) Give back like it’s a dance-off for charity.

As an engineer who moonlights as a design diva, Opal Road is my swanky canvas for blending vibrant, eye-popping designs with elegance that could make a swan blush. And trust me, I’ve got an eye for detail finer than a cat hair in your glitter stash.

We get it, the candle aisle is like a buffet of scents out there, but thank you for picking Opal Road to light up your life! Your nose and your home deserve nothing but the best.

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