Sanitizer Bracelets

The Sanitizer Bracelet™ is serial entrepreneur Robert Croak’s latest invention. As a germaphobe himself experiencing the rising concerns of the COVID-19 virus, Robert felt it was vital to create a convenient way for everyone to have sanitizer available at all times. The Sanitizer Bracelet™ provides a new level of safety for those wearing it by giving you the comfort of knowing you will always have sanitizer literally “on hand,” with you wherever you go. Thankfully, Robert’s first-of-its-kind design is modern, minimal, and stylish. Now available for retail, licensing, and custom orders, the Sanitizer Bracelet™ promises to be the must-have product in 2020 and beyond as we embrace the new normal of protecting ourselves and others from spreading germs.

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Sanitizer Bracelets 2020 Catalog

Sanitizer Bracelets Fashion Masks 2020 Catalog

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