Social media is a part of our daily lives; we check it for the most up-to-date news, share highlights of special moments, and post the occasional food picture.

Free social social media communication illustration

But if you’re a retailer, social media is also the perfect tool to add value to your customer service experience.

In today’s retail world, customers can access anything from their mobile devices, and that includes reaching out to your company’s social media; they’re either posting about an issue they have with your product or mentioning you on Instagram, wearing your best-selling jewelry. Either way, you need to respond to that customer.

Below are 3 ways social media is enhancing customer service.

1. Direct Communication with Customers 

Before social media became the norm for expressing your thoughts, customers would have to call a toll-free number, email, or mail complaints and praises about your company.  Can you imagine having to do that now? (although this option is still widely available) That’s the beauty of using social media as a customer service tool, you can respond directly and quickly to any messages about your company.

2. Crisis Communications

There will be times when customers are unhappy with your company, they will express their frustrations either via video or captioned image that shows their displeasure with you. This is where you or someone dedicated to handling these PR crises, needs to address the situation accordingly and quickly. If a customer leaves a negative comment or review, respond to them with sincerity by:

  • Addressing the issues stated by the customer
  • Apologizing for the incident
  • Finding the appropriate solution

3. 24-Hour Customer Care 

Your customer service team should also be diligent in monitoring your business’s social media for any opportunities to help customers with their product issues. Whether you’re a small mom-and-pop shop or a chain restaurant, utilizing social media to enhance the customer service experience, can strengthen your relationships with them.

Are you using social media as a customer service tool? If not, start planning ways to respond to their complaints and praises online, your business depends on it.