In today’s shopping world, customers want more than being able to purchase something. They want memorable experiences while shopping and fun products that fit into their lifestyles. Are you experiencing the slow selling inventory blues? Is there low foot traffic in your store? Then consider adding non-tangible services such as gift wrapping and delivery, workshops and private shopping parties within your store. Check out these ideas on how to increase exciting in-store experiences!

  • Local Coffee Shop- host monthly coffee tastings for those coffee fanatics in your community. Bump up the experience by selling exclusive products, such as fun coffee mugs from DEI for your attendees.



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  • Drugstore/Pharmacy- by also offering gift items, consider adding medication delivery and monthly workshops on improving your overall health. Products such as Cannaba RX have added an extra boost in sales, mainly sold in local pharmacies.

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  • Furniture shop- do you have customers asking how to style a rug or couch? Or how to add foliage into their living rooms? Create workshops where customers can learn how to style their homes, with a hands-on approach this experience will leave a long-lasting impression. Our vendor Sullivans is perfect for this type of in-store event, from spring florals to greenery, there are endless possibilities!

Boxwood, Easter classics, or gorgeous spring Florals and Greenery

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  • Gift Shop- you carry a variety of gift items, so why not offer complimentary wrapping? Take it a step further by teaching a class using products from Design Design. They carry a variety of wrapping products that will inspire your customers.

Flourish Butterfly Collection by Design Design

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There are numerous ways to beat the slow selling inventory blues. As the world of retail continues to evolve, it is important to try new methods of operating your business. If you want more sales and traffic in your store, you have to create an environment where customers want to buy from you. This means buying products that are fun and bring joy to your customers, while also offering services that get them engaged with the product.

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